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Increasingly, a vast number of individuals will fall victim to the ravages of various dementias. Significant efforts have been made by organizations and governmental and non-governmental groups around the world to develop methods of dealing with the causes of dementia. It is vitally important to maximize public awareness of the resources available for prevention, treatment, and care and to deliver timely and accurate information as to the availability and usefulness of these resources, with the emphasis currently on the Omaha-Metropolitan area. We have committed to work with many diverse individuals and organizations who are involved in providing assistance in dealing with the tragic consequences of dementia.

The mission of the Consortium of Dementia Alternatives (CDA) is to assist individuals and groups to gain information on senior care strategies, research findings and advocacy initiatives. Through links with our partners, we provide direction to find updates on senior programs, partners and events. This website provides general information about senior care issues and does not take the place of professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have noticed possible symptoms of age related disease in yourself or someone else, please see a doctor.



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