CDA Mission Statement

The mission of the Consortium of Dementia Alternatives (CDA) is to assist individuals and groups to gain information about local and national resources available which deal with dementia.

Through our mission of sharing, we hope you will be able to better evaluate specific treatments, individuals, companies, charities, or other groups who may be involved in activities dealing with dementia.

We help to answer the question: NOW WHAT? Loved ones of those recently diagnosed can be very overwhelmed when they receive the news.

The CDA is here to provide methods to combat dementia and related illnesses and help caregivers and loved ones find exercises and alternative treatments to keep their brains sharp.

DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to promote or demote any facility, doctor, caregiver or alternative treatment. Rather, we put information out there to help answer that NOW WHAT? question in an objective manner. Please take in all of our resources and make the informed decision you find best.


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